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Products of Little Puteri meets the requirements of

International Safety Standard;

1. Made from quality material

2. Using non-toxic paint

3. Not result in skin allergies

4. Latest design and safe to use

5. Durable and easy to clean


Thursday, September 11

NS003 - Meja Lipat 4 Segi Tepat

Item: NS003 - Meja Lipat 4 Segi Tepat

(Rectangular Table with Foldable Leg)

Warna: Coklat Cair

Saiz: 122cm(W) x 61cm(L) x 53cm(H)

Ciri-Ciri: Diperbuat dari kayu berkualiti & Furnishing yang kemas. Kaki meja boleh & mudah dilipat.

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Why Purchase With Little Puteri?
It is because, Each pieces of our kiddy furniture;
1.  Is made of First Grade Medium Density Fibre (MDF) Board 
with Double-Sided Laminate Melamine. 
2. Is  designed specially for classroom use which is safe 
because has a rounded corner.
3. It is durable with high quality construction and scratch resistance.